A downloadable game for Windows and Android

How to Play?

  • Grab numbers with your left hand and choose what are you going to do with that number.
  • You can add it to the Gun’s mag or you can put it to the correct spot in the sudoku table.
  • Shoot the enemies with your gun and kill them.
  • If you place a number correctly to the sudoku,you gain your barrier. If you have a barrier the first bullet that hits you won’t make you lose health. 
  • You have total of 20 health points.
  • Gun’s mag can take up to 7 numbers as bullet. You will shoot the numbers in order that you put them in.
  • Try to complete sudoku so you play the harder one. Game has a simple save system that take you to the last level you leave.
  •  After you reach the end of the all levels, it will randomize between previous levels. 
  •  It gets harder and harder by level, in terms of sudoku.

Controls With Keyboard and Mouse

  • Press LeftShift to control Right Hand(The Gun), LeftControl to control LeftHand(Lefthand).
  • While you’re pressing controlling button use W-A-S-D to move around, mouse whell to up and down.
  • Left Button of the mouse triggers left hand, right button of the mouse triggers right hand.

Controls On VR

  • Move around with it. It’s magical!
  • Index fingers triggers the actions of each hand.

Now you can call yourself a gamer by playing sudoku.


SudokuVRRelease.rar 24 MB
SudokuVR.apk 31 MB

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