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You are a barista that the whole world is talking about. Fill the cups with exotic drinks and gain more "fame".

How to Play

Hold down your mouse or finger to pour your exotic drinks. Fill the cups to the red indicator to get great scores and in-game money. More you pour more you score but do not forget the timer If time runs out before you fill all the cups, you lose the game. Try to beat all the levels to gain the highest score.


This game can run more than 30 thousand particles at 60+ fps at computers and 1500 particles at 300+ fps at a moderate mobile phone. I am using multithreading in order to achieve that and it is like magic on a mobile phone to have real-time fluid physics. This game is the only game on the market that utilizes 3D fluid physics as a game mechanic.


Mobile (IOS and Android)


Satisfying and Hyper Casual


  • You can tap the “back” button on your phone and quit or pause the game.
  • You can buy 8 different fluid with different properties: bending, volume, skin, color, shape matching, tether, pin, stitch, bend twist, viscosity, surface tension, buoyancy, and more.
  • You gain 1 in-game money buy correctly filling a cup.
  • You can click the money container in the main menu to watch an unpassable advertisement to gain in-game money.
  • Filling a cup correctly also gives +1000 score points.
  • If you do not fill a cup enough, no advantage or disadvantage, but if you overflow, you lose -800 score points.
  • Chosen Options are saved on the device so you can play without looking at them.
  • Price of fluid is shown if you do not have it, but you cannot see the color of it, it will appear like a shadow.
  • Everything in the game made by me from coding to audios, models to sprites, everything.
  • There is 11 different type of cups. I modeled all of them.
  • The game has a level system and after all the levels are done, it shows levels randomly.
  • All the loading screens are hidden so players do not fell the scene transitions.
  • You can just tap the screen to play a new, awesome level.
  • After a number of levels, the game shows a passable advertisement.
  • The game gathers different information from players about play sessions, such as playtime, the number of ads, level failing and completing, buying new fluids, and more.
  • You can reset your game data from the settings menu.
  • Pouring fluid gives you score too which will show on the end screen of every level. The game records the best score and shows it.
  • Fluids: Water, Coffee, Milk, Honey, Chemical, Blood, Slime, Asphalt

Last Added Features

  • UI improvements
  • Unpassable rewarded advertisements which give in-game money to the player
  • Level system
  • Analytics (different information from the player about play session, such as playtime, number of ads, level failing and completing, buying new fluids and more)
  • Money Sprites
  • New fluid sprites for shop panel
  • FPS improvements (about 4 times more than before)
  • Colors and lightning of the game changed.
  • The first level is the tutorial level.
  • I added a logo.
  • If there is no advertisement available, doesn’t show any.

Old Gameplay: 


FillTheCup3D.apk 21 MB
Windows Build.rar 16 MB


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